its like riding a bike. well sorta...

its been about 9 years since ive picked up a semi-pro camera and snapped away photos like a [kinda] artist. a lot has changed in those decade (minus one) years. the world of cameras and photography are now digital, quicker, and for my sake... a bit friggin cheaper!

so the other day, even though i am enormously in debt, i decide to plunk down a good amount of best buy credit and purchase my george-ous nikon d3000 digital slr camera.

anywho. feel free to stop on by periodically and see me re-learn this art of photography or better yet try to figure out this camera w/o reading the instruction booklet (because, i just dont do those...)

oh and if i get off my lazy @ss, i'll try to scan my past photography that is on film and post that. which i guess would be proof that i literally didnt wake up yesterday and decide i wanna try to take artsy fartsy photos for the 1st time.

ps: i'll try to spare you folks with any of my babbling commentary. which is why i have a separate blog where thats all i do. i torture my peanut gallery with my trucker mouth, daily references to [my] drinking and how to blow your money on really expensive sh!t.

the 2nd time around, im trying to keep that quiet art gallery kinda vibe for this blog. i dont want you lovely people to feel like you're at the neighborhood tavern stuck with a bucha drunk invalids who love to shop.

ok. ive said my schpeel. now i'll shut up. so now, sit tight and enjoy the [bumbling] show...

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  1. I'll be reading this blog while eating grapes and stinky cheese, and holding my wine glass with my pinky out.